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to make a living in this economy, and that was the whole purpose of the economy. we saw a situation that necessarily undermined agricultural production and livelihood systems. why? because those areas of south africa designated as bantustans were in fact labor reserves. we see a compression of space. we see high-population densities on marginal lands, and proximity to johannesburg and pretoria-- the main industrial center of south africa. and so those areas served as effective labor reserves, meaning that if we can keep the people in those areas from garnering a real livelihood, keep them structurally dependent on migration, then we have a large labor pool. narrator: there was a distinct geography of apartheid, a geography of separateness based upon race. as the gnment n to redress these injusces in 1994 and '95, land reform brought euphoric times. woman: so really today, i don't know. since this morning, i had one cup of tea. d i feel that i'm so strongly, i can even jump just because i'm going back to my land. ( singing in native language ) so the idea of a land-reform program is
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1